Zimmermann Malz in Baustetten


Originating from a local brewery and founded as a commercial malting plant in 1928, the Baustetten plant became one of the most outstanding medium-sized malting plants in Baden-Wuerttemberg.


The treatment capacity reaches about 40,000 tons with our state-of-the-art facilities.


  •  Malts from ecological and organic raw materials
  •  Processing of our raw materials exclusively with Certificates of Origination
  •  Provision of ready-to-use special blends
  •  All varieties of grains like emmer, spelt, oat and millet for small-scale demand
  •  Shipping of our products is available in BIG-BAGS and 25kg sacks, on pallets up to 750kg/pallet


Malzfabrik Ludwig Zimmermann GmbH & Co. KG
Malzstraße 8, D-88471 Baustetten
Tel. +49(0)73 92-97 95-0, Fax +49(0)73 92-97 95-50
E-Mail: baustetten(at)schwabenmalz.de