Quality assurance and safety management

Our quality assurance management is based upon a QM-system. All production processes – reaching from raw material supply to the dispatching of our malt – are supervised and monitored in our main laboratory located in Baustetten. Concurrently,  we assure retraceability through strict and reliable documentation of sample collection as well as sample storage. Legally certified laboratories execute unannounced analyses and control analyses on a regular basis.

SchwabenMalz is a member at MAPS and participates at the monitoring of the „Deutschen Mälzerbund“ (German Maltsters' Association) via SGS Hamburg (a leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company). Furthermore, we execute periodical examinations regarding harmful substances and NdMA (NNitrosodimethylamine), also known as dimethylnitrosamine (DMN). In our main lab, we complete gushing tests ruled by the Modified Carlsberg Test (MCT).

Quality Assurance: Newest certification according to DIN EN ISO 9000-2015 with HACCP-System. The latest QS specification is also employed. Link...

Retraceability: Legal obligations concerning traceability (VO 178/2002) concerning food safety and retraceability are embedded into our QM system.